Last Will and Testament

On November 3rd I'm leaving California for a year-long traveling expedition across the world. (More on this to come in a later post). I quit my job at my law firm a few weeks ago to give myself time to prepare for my big adventure.

When I first started working at my firm, a co-worker was quite enamored by my causal Friday attire. She created a Last Will and Testament laying claim to a certain "grey Members Only Jacket" in addition to "that shirt affectionally referred to as 'the most hipster thing I [Shalev] own." Another co-worker opted for my "blue chucks."  Well, I didn't want to give them my real kickass clothing. But I felt a symbolic transfer of property was in order given my symbolic "employee death." As it turns out, photographs are the perfect legal instrument for symbolic transfers of property.


Layla is a beautiful and talented lifestyle blogger. We got together to get some banner shot for her new blog (the name of which I am keeping under wraps for now until the public launch date). Click "Read More" for additional images from the shoot.